Turning Recruiting Into A Game

Today we're going to look at an easy way to grow your business. This is so easy; you'll probably be surprised at how well it works and it's so easy that I tend to think of it as a game. You'll need business cards and belief that it will work. Here's how I play the game. When I get up each morning and when I'm out running errands, I set an intention to meet at least one person that I need to meet. I usually say to myself while driving to the store that I intend to meet at least one person that I need to meet and then I keep an eye open for those people.

Some times, they are people who are looking for a home based business, some times they are people who are looking for the products I sell and some times they are people who need my help lifting a heavy object into their shopping cart. The point is that every time I expect to meet someone, I do. Now, you may not believe me, but give it a try. When you go out today or tomorrow, expect to meet someone and keep an open mind. If it doesn't work for you, then try again the next day and actually expect to meet at least one person. Since I started playing this game, I've recruited several people into my downline, made several sales, made a contact that may prove very valuable in the future and helped an elderly lady put a heavy object into her cart.

But, more importantly, I've had fun. By the way, this idea came to me while reading the book, "Ask And It Is Given" by Jerry and Esther Hicks. It's a book on the Power Of Intention and Law Of Attraction. If you need a logical explanation for how this works instead of whatever you ask for, the universe will give, then it's simple.

You pass by dozens of people each day that want a home based business or your products and you don't notice them. This game will cause you to change your focus and actually see those people. How many times have you had a clerk that was tired of her job and it showed? I used to get slightly irritated about it until I started seeing these people as needing a better life. Now I hand them a card and ask if they've ever thought of having their own business.

Now, go out and play. If people see you having fun, they'll want to know how you do it.

Brian Baldwin has been a professional network marketer for over 5 years and a Cognigen agent for more than 3 years. To find out more about Brian Baldwin and receive a free subscription to his Proven MLM Training Newsletter, visit http://www.brianbaldwin.com

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