Florida Home Builders Are They All The Same

When it comes to building homes in Florida, not all home builders are created equal. Just as there are many types of Florida homes, there are many different types of home builders. Finding the right builder for your new Florida home requires time and research.

This is an important decision, since purchasing a new Florida home is a large investment. You'll want a Florida home that suits your needs and will withstand the test of time. Different types of Florida home builders Florida home builders can be easily divided into two main types: custom home builders, and tract home builders. The main differences between these two types of builders are quality and availability of custom options. Tract homes are often referred to as "Cookie-cutter homes", and with good reason. These homes are identical in every way because the materials used to build them are purchased in bulk.

Often, lower quality materials are used by these Florida home builders. Custom home builders do not purchase their materials in bulk, and tend to adhere to higher standards of quality. And since they are custom homes, the home buyer has the option of choosing the features, colors and overall look of their new home. Each buyer is free to express their own individual style, which leads to greater satisfaction with the finished product.

Custom homes tend to cost a bit more, but most owners of these homes will agree that it is money well spent. Hurricane protection All Florida home builders are held to certain standards of hurricane safety when they build their homes. However, unless you live in one of the few Florida counties that require the highest standards, most homes are built only to withstand a Category 2 storm. Today, some custom home builders are going above and beyond this standard, adding additional roof trusses, shatter proof windows, and solid-concrete construction to build homes capable of withstanding a Category 4 hurricane or higher.

If you decide to invest in a custom home, look for a Florida home builder who adheres to these higher standards. Building in today's competitive market Most Florida home buyers are aware of the current real estate market conditions. With an abundance of existing homes on the market and continued growth in the newly constructed home sector, today's real estate market favors the buyer. This means buyers now have the time to shop around, and no longer have to rush into a purchase. But since the price of construction materials continues to rise, some Florida home builders have resorted to cutting corners on construction and building materials in an effort to remain competitive and still turn a profit.

When you interview prospective builders, be prepared to ask the tough questions. Does the home builder use high-quality, 5/8 inch plywood to build the roof? Do they use 30 year architectural shingles? Do they construct their homes using solid, poured concrete? These questions apply to interior features as well. It's easy to use cheaper materials for fixtures, paint, cabinetry, and flooring. Many times, the cheaper materials still look expensive, at least in the beginning. But over time, wear and tear will take a toll on cheap materials. Ask all prospective home builders for a list of materials they use, both inside and outside the homes.

Once you obtain this list, you can research each company and the materials they produce. Check consumer reports, and don't discount the value of word of mouth. Remember, high quality construction materials make for solid, long-lasting Florida homes. The Florida climate presents unique challenges for all structures built here, and shoddy construction just can't meet these challenges over a number of years. The right Florida home builder for your needs With a bit of extra time and attention, you can find the right Florida home builder to construct your new Florida home. In the long run, your time, effort, and yes, even the extra money you may spend on a high quality home will serve you and your family well.

Finding a Florida home builder you can trust is always worth the extra investment, and will result in greater customer satisfaction over the long term.

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